Who Needs Supportive Services?

A variety of elders in the community and senior living facilities can benefit from our services.  It is our goal to partner with the elder and their loved ones upon the first signs of need to develop an individualized plan to optimize the elder's ability to remain in the space they love as long as possible.  These first signs may include forgetting medications, inability to plan and prepare nutritious foods, spending an increased amount of time watching television.  

Elders in need of temporary assistance due to illness or injury can also benefit from our services during the recovery period.  

Family caregivers who need respite on a recurring  or as needed basis to provide a better life balance from the responsibility of providing 24/7 support are also great candidates for the services that we provide.  

Our quality services are as unique as each elder that we serve!  We will develop a customized plan based on individual need - regardless of how simple or complex!

Companion Services

Deep and meaningful relationships are at the cornerstone of who we are.  It is vitally important that we know our clients well so that we can optimize a support plan that meets each individuals unique needs and desires.  

Our goal is to partner with each elder to ensure that while receiving support each elder feels independent and autonomous.  

Examples of areas we can provide support include nutritious menu planning and preparation, light housekeeping, shopping and running errands, medication and exercise reminders, transportation and accompaniment to appointments and events, assistance with plant and pet care.  

Innovative Technology

Integrating technology into support plans can be as simple as partnering to manage an emergency response pendant or medication administration technology to reduce the risk of fall and medication mismanagement or can include our GrandCare system to manage social connection, safety, health and wellness.  The best way to experience the benefits of technology is to schedule a consultation and demo.   

We are proud to be one of the most innovative companies in the industry by  integrating smart home technology allowing our clients to remain in the home that they love longer.  

Home Safety

Most elder falls and injuries occur while performing regular activities of daily life such as changing a light bulb or shoveling the driveway.  By offering flexible home safety solutions, we can reduce that risk.  

Thrive at Home can provide annual, quarterly or monthly safety inspections and provide recommendations on simple adjustments such as grab bars and lighting to more involved renovations.  We can also bear the burden of coordinating and managing larger projects.  We can gladly assist with simple tasks such as changing light bulbs, dusting hard to reach areas, trash removal, etc.  

Thrive at Home can also recommend and coordinate simple modifications after a fall or injury, or as mobility and ambulation decline.  

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Free 55+ Home Safety Survey

Consultation and Advocacy 

With our extensive experience and educational background, Thrive at Home is uniquely positioned to provide consulting services to senior living organizations, home health agencies, as well as general healthcare organizations.  We specialize in project management, staff training and development, and workflow efficiencies.  

Thrive at Home also offers advocacy for our existing or new clients as needs change and guidance is needed to navigate the complex world of elder care.   

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